History of Institute for Caregivers

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The Institute for Caregivers is a Private Preschool Training Institute established in 1999, by her parent company CRA Limited. It was established with technical support from Danida (Danish Foreign Aid), Lego Dacta A/S, Denmark and Jelling Stateminarium (A Danish Training College).
The Objective for setting up this Institute was for the purpose

Over the years, the institute has provided excellent training in the area of education where the basic understanding of the nature and needs of children is paramount. The aim of the institute is to train all categories of persons in the early childhood sector to help them acquire essential knowledge and skills to work as professional caregivers or preschool teachers. Since its inception the Institute has organised courses for proprietors of Pre-schools, Kindergartens, Crèches, Teachers, School Leavers, and Sunday School Teachers. The courses and training programmes are suitable for all categories of people in the Early Childhood Education Sector and Childcare Industry


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