Description of Programmes

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This is a fundamental program that introduces each participant to the care and education given to children at their early childhood stage. At the end of the program students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how young children grow and develop and be able to assist with young children’s growth, development, thinking and learning. It runs for 12 weeks and at the end of the programme the trainees are awarded a Certifi cate in CHILDHOOD AND INFANCY.

The program is for a total duration of ten months made up of two semesters from January to May and from June to October. There are 20 weeks per Semester. It is designed to cater for such individuals who have the basic academic foundation and desire to acquire the necessary knowledge in Early Childhood Education and Care. This course enables trainees to understand how young children grow and develop in relation to the appropriate academic practices and its dynamics. It also includes two months intensive training on the Montessori Method of teaching. At the end of the programme trainees are awarded a Certificate in One Year Course in EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE.

This program builds on the foundation laid in the Certifi cate program. It offers students the further possibility of understanding the philosophy and development of children, enables them to develop themselves professionally and personally, understand how children are to be taught and teach them how to manage effectively Childcare Centers. This Programme is undertaken at Cape Coast University awarded a DIPLOMA IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION AND CARE - SANDWICH

Our tailored In-service training aims at providing support to all teachers or Caregivers in different ways which take into consideration their needs, priorities set by the School or Organization and the current scientifi c knowledge and practice in the area.

Most providers often begin their schools with no training other than that of being a head teacher or parent. Since caring for a group of children often can present more challenges than their experience has prepared them to meet, it is useful for them to participate in this program. This provider training program is related to the quality of child care, assessing the needs of the program in their location and  running their centre as a business

The Institute offers Consultancy Services to persons interested in starting a school and assist in the recruitment of personnel for Preschools.

The Institute runs workshops to teach the creating and production of Teaching and Learning Materials for use in Early Childhood Education Centers. These workshops are held during the vacation period.



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