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Rational for setting up IFC

The Government of Ghana years ago, proposed the formal recognition of the nursery and kindergarten as the beginning of the school system instead of Primary/Basic one as was the case. The implication is the training of teachers for kindergarten level could no longer be left to adhoc in-service training programmes. It is recognized that Early Childhood Education is the bedrock
and key to future success in every society.

A strong, firm and solid foundation encourages successful learning in school and the traits of a responsible individual. A lot of people may have the desire to study courses in Early Childhood Education, but might not have the basic understanding to pursue such courses. These programmes are designed to cater for such individuals who have the interest and are willing to lay the necessary foundation
in Early Childhood Education and Care.

These programmes therefore primarily prepare Caregivers to acquire requisite skills in Early Childhood Development both to function on job and to enable them pursue further studies in the discipline.

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