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  • School Leavers – Holders of JHS/SHS/GES ‘O’ and ‘A’ level
    Technical and Vocational Certifi cates including students awaiting results.
  • Pre-School Teachers – Teachers and attendants who work in Pre-Schools and in Early Childhood Programs (Day Care Centers, Creche, Nursery Schools and Kindergartens) You may be teaching and caring for preschoolers with no training this is an opportunity for you to upgrade yourself
  • Proprietors – Supervisors and Heads of Preschools or Childcare providers and Early Childhood Development Centers.
  • Parents & Nannies who wish to have a better understanding of how to care for children.
  • Staff of NGO’s working in Child Care institutions
  • Carers and anyone who handles children in homes, orphanages or works with children is encouraged to acquire professional knowledge at the Institute For Caregivers to enable them care and educate these special children properly.
  • All individuals interested in Childcare including parents, nannies and Sunday school teachers. If you love children and teaching and caring for preschoolers is your passion and career choice, get yourself trained at the Institute For CaregiversPlease Note: There is no age restriction
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